About Us

The Soup Charmer

Sally enjoys long walks on the bea—(insert ripping sound here). Oops – wrong website! We would love to report that Sally became a chef at Chez Panisse, hobnobbed with celebrity chefs* (see photo), or moved to France to study at Le Cordon Bleu but, alas, she continued in her accounting profession, enjoying her work at Chico’s beloved Maisie Jane’s production location. The past six years have been full of changes, as Sally chilled out with country life for a few years, then moved back to the gritty big city life of Chico proper. Her family expanded when her son Tim (you know him as The Soupinator) married the lovely Lindsey (whom Sally hand-selected like good produce), and later when she welcomed Sophie, a German high school exchange student, who proved to be any host parent’s dream. Much to the chagrin of her carnivore family, Sally has embraced a plant-based lifestyle, so you will see vegan variations in several of your favorite recipes! Knowing the power of food, she continues to stock her freezer and heal the hearts and souls of her friends with her soups and righteous desserts, with old-school R&B or funk playing in the background. You did not know that this woman makes a righteous pie? Get to know her! She ain’t just about long walks on the beach.

*Ladies and gentlemen, celebrity chef Chris Cosentino! Probably asking Sally how to make pie.

The Soup Charmer’s official theme song.

The Soupinatrix

As you can tell from the photo, Dori has finally taken her rightful place as Queen of the World.* Since hanging up her ladle, she’s been working as the entertainment and marketing guru at Feather Falls Casino. Her four kids have grown up to be functioning adults despite her interference. She’s in the final throes of obtaining a Master’s in Teaching International Languages at Chico State, where she will teach Academic Writing for ESL in the Fall 2019 semester. She still has her hungry goats in the backyard (boy, do they miss the soup scraps!) and has added a dog to the family brood. Not just any dog; THE BEST DOG. When she’s not playing trivia games or Words With Friends, you’ll find her blogging, reading, making bad watercolor paintings, or plotting her next big adventure: Joining the Peace Corps! Stay tuned…

*OK, it’s Renaissance Faire garb. But this Viking tunic was very empowering.

The Soupinatrix’s official theme song.

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